How to find the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beast lair and start tracking the mysterious animal

ghost recon breakpoint Beast Lair
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Have you found the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beast lair yet? The game has barely been out a few days and players are already looking for Easter eggs that lead to another Yeti monster, and right now it looks like there's something similar to the mysterious Ghost Recon: Wildlands bigfoot situation. After a bit of searching, and some help, we think we're hot on the trail of another abominable snow creature via the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beast lair.

We haven't found anything concrete just yet for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beast lair, but we do think we've found the catalyst that kicks off the hunt. The bigfoot search in Ghost Recon: Wildlands didn't happen at all at once, either. So we might have to wait a bit for new clues to get added. 

The Hunting Lodge

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To begin the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beast lair hunt, you'll want to head to a small mountain northeast of Moon Lake, take a look at the image above to get an exact location. Once there you'll find two small buildings. 

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Head into the cabin to find all sorts of hunting gear adorned on the walls. If you head over to one of the tables, you'll find a collectable note titled 'Beast Lair'.

Collect the note, open your menu to read it, and see the clue inside. 

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The Beast Lair

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The note gives you directions to find a cave on the northern edge of Blue Lake, where you'll find a body and a ton of claw marks all over the walls. It feels very much like a beast lair of some sort. 

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That's all we've managed to find so far and we aren't sure if there is more to this quest, if there are other side quests that connect to it, or if Ubisoft is going to add more later on. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a massive game and there is plenty still hidden in the mountains and forests of Auroa. 

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