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Here's how to unlock the Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg:
(Image credit: Sony)

Did you know that there's a Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg? That's right; there's a hidden trophy called Cooper Clan Cosplayer that wants you to dress Jin Sakai — the protagonist in Ghost of Tsushima — up like Sly Cooper, the thievous raccoon from Sucker Punch's most iconic series back on the PlayStation 2. 

The full Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy description wants you to "dress up as a legendary thief" and while you can't turn him into an actual raccoon, you can emulate Sly's blue-and-gold style with a specific costume combination. Of course, this explainer for the Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg will have the most minor of spoilers for armour and cosmetics you'll obtain during the game, so consider this your warning.

Note that you cannot get all the required outfit pieces until you reach the third region of the map, so you can stop reading now if you haven't made it to Kamiagata yet.

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper outfit

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper solution

(Image credit: Sony)

In the image above, you can see Jin Sakai wearing the Sly Cooper combination. Sure, it's not perfect... but it's a decent attempt nonetheless. If you want to earn the Cooper Clan Cosplayer for yourself, let us break down what you need to obtain. 

Gosaku's Armour

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Gosaku's Armour

(Image credit: Sony)

The first part you can obtain is Gosaku's Armour. This is obtained by completing The Unbreakable Gosaku, which is one of the Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales. You can start it when you reach Toyotama, the second region of the map.

Ocean's Guardian dye

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Ocean's Guardian dye

(Image credit: Sony)

Now you need to dye Gosaku's Armour with Sly's blue-and-gold aesthetic. Head over to any merchant in the second or third region of the map and look through their armour dyes. Ocean's Guardian will set you back 10 flowers.

Crooked Kama Headband

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Crooked Kama Headband

(Image credit: Sony)

Next is the Crooked Kama Headband, which features an icon of Sly's classic cane. To get this, you need to go to Jogaku Temple (circled on the map below) then use your grappling hook to climb the corners, right to the very top. You'll find the Crooked Kama Headband blowing in the wind at the peak.

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Crooked Kama headband

(Image credit: Sony)

Sly Tanuki sword kit

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Sly Tanuki sword kit

(Image credit: Sony)

Finally, you need the Sly Tanuki sword kit. This is also in the third and final region of the map, found at the Pillar of Honour marked on the map below. it's in the south-east corner of Kamiagata and is one of the harder Pillars to reach since it's almost like a Shinto Shrine trying to get there.

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg: Sly Tanuki sword kit

(Image credit: Sony)

When you've got all of the required components, equip them and voila! The Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy should unlock.

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