Ghost of Tsushima supplies: How to get more and what they're used for

Ghost of Tsushima supplies
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You'll start picking up Ghost of Tsushima supplies from the very beginning, when Yuna is leading you through the Mongol camp after she rescues you from Komoda Beach in the prologue. Question is, what are supplies in Ghost of Tsushima, and how can you get more? I've got the answer to both of those questions for you so by the end of the game, you'll have Ghost of Tsushima supplies coming out the wazoo.

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What are Ghost of Tsushima supplies used for?

Ghost of Tsushima supplies

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Supplies in Ghost of Tsushima are essentially currency. The inhabitants of Tsushima Island forego the concept of coins in favour of small brown bags, full of mysterious supplies. In reality, these are likely to be things like food, materials, and other products that everybody needs to survive the unwelcome Mongol invasion. So don't worry; supplies aren't a rare resource you need to hunt down, though you may find yourself running out.

When you reach the first camp and you can obtain upgrades from the swordsmith, armourer, and bowyer, your supplies will come in handy. In exchange for supplies — and specific amounts of other materials like iron or bamboo — you can enhance your equipment. Every bit of kit you use has multiple upgrade levels, with each one requiring more supplies.

How to get supplies in Ghost of Tsushima

how to get Ghost of Tsushima supplies

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Ghost of Tsushima supplies can spawn everywhere and anywhere. The main way to get more of them if you're running out is to simply explore; almost every house or tent will have plenty of supplies to pick up. If you only complete main story missions then chances are you won't have enough to fully upgrade your equipment, but going out of your way to complete Mongol camps, Shinto Shrines, and the other offerings found on Tsushima Island will have you stacking supplies.

Some of the random Mongol encounters you stumble upon while exploring can provide supplies too. If you clear a Mongol patrol and they have a wooden cart, loot it after killing them to get some more. Whenever there's a new gift available at the Gift Altar, make sure you grab it too because those are often bundles of 100x supplies.

Finally, you can also sell any unwanted resources to the Trapper merchant you find in friendly villages and camps, in exchange for more supplies. The rarer the materials, the more supplies you'll get (linen is particularly lucrative). You can sell anything at any time but it's obviously best if you sell things you need less, or not at all in the case something you've fully upgraded. I maxed out my halfbow and longbow first for example, so all my bamboo, yew wood, and wax wood from that point could be sold, netting me about 4,000 supplies to invest in armor upgrades. Simple!

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