Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes: How to find them all and increase your resolve

Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes
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Finding Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes is important if you want to increase Jin Sakai’s Resolve meter, which dictates his capacity to use special moves in battle. The more resolve you have, the easier it can be to escape a near-death situation and reclaim the upper hand by using Ghost of Tsushima's most devastating techniques, such as the Heavenly Strike.

You can find Bamboo Strikes by looking for large white flags and rows of Bamboo on pedestals spread throughout the game’s settlements and wilderness. Golden birds can lead you to them, as can the guiding wind if you purchase the Bamboo Strike ability from the Techniques menu. 

In this guide, we’re going to show you the location of every Bamboo Strike in Ghost of Tsushima, offering instructions and visual aids to help you find them so you can bolster your Resolve. Here’s how to find every Bamboo Strike in Ghost of Tsushima.

Izuhara Bamboo Strikes

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1. Azamo Bamboo Strike - This bamboo strike is in the  Azamo Bay settlement, near the shrine at the uppermost point of the area, east of the map marker.

2. Tsutsu Bamboo Strike - This strike is across the river from the Rustling Bend name marker, right at the water’s edge.

3. Ariake Bamboo Strike -  This strike is south of Houren’s Pasture, across the river at the blacked-out settlement, in between a field of Pampas and a building, near a campfire.

4. Komatsu Bamboo Strike - This strike is within the Komatsu Forge settlement, right next to the Sashimono Banner merchant who trades saddles. Outside of his home, it’s on the right in a cluster of banners.

5. Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike - Head to the Hiyoshi Inn settlement and you’ll find this strike along the winding road with springs either side, with Ishikawa’s dojo in the background.

6. Kashine Bamboo Strike - This strike is right next to the White Dye Merchant, at the peak of the left hill from Wanderer’s Pass, or south-east from Komoda Town.

7. Komoda Bamboo Strike - Follow the main road through liberated Komoda Town and this strike is in the shadow of a giant guard tower, just after a gate.

Toyotama Bamboo Strikes

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8. Akashima Bamboo Strike - Head to the west coast from the Old Togo Rice Fields to find this strike in the shadow of the Akashima Lighthouse.

9. Umugi Bamboo Strike - On the coast if you head north-west from Umugi Cove.

10. Yarikawa Bamboo Strike - On the coast directly east from Yarikawa Stronghold - you should be able to see the Kubara Lighthouse way off in the distance. 

11. Kushi Bamboo Strike - Hug the coast from the Yarikawa strike and you’ll find this strike east of Benkei’s Falls, overlooking the ocean. 

12. Kubara Bamboo Strike - West of Little Monk’s Pond, this strike is up on a hill in the relative centre of the Toyotama map - watch for a looming tower on top of a stone mountain. 

13. Otsuna Bamboo Strike - North of Omi Village, around the back of the big central hilltop shrine, within the shrine gates in the back corner.

Kamiagata Bamboo Strikes

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14. Endless Forest Bamboo Strike - Directly east from Kin Sanctuary, this strike is right on the coast in the shadow of the Kin Lighthouse, overlooking the Pampas Field.

15. Kin Bamboo Strike - On the little island of the lake north of Kin Sanctuary, the strike is in view of the burning forest pictured.

16. Sago Bamboo Strike - Directly west from Kin Sanctuary, a winding road leads to a guard tower and this final strike. 

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