How to get the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook and become a swinging samurai

ghost of tsushima grapple hook
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The Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook is a vital part of hero Jin's samurai tool kit, letting you climb and swing from special hanging points marked with red and white cloth. Getting the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook however is tied to the story, and you can actually reach areas of the Ghost of Tsushima map that need it to progress before you actually have it. 

If that's happened to you then here's how to get Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook so you can swing and climb your way to success. 

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How to get the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook

How to get the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook

(Image credit: Sony)

You won't fully need the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook until you reach the end of act 1 and the Shadow of The Samurai mission to rescue your uncle. The hook is vital to reaching some prisoners you need to free, and at that point in the story you will have to get it to advance the campaign.

Getting it requires you complete a few other missions first but they're not hard to find as they're all tied to Yuna the woman who rescued you at the game's opening. As part of her initial appearance she makes it clear she only saved you so you could free her brother, Taka, who's been captured by Mongols. Taka's key to it all as he's a blacksmith so he can make anything you need... like some kind of device for scaling walls. 

Fortunately getting him free is easy enough as you just have to follow Yuna's initial mission thread which, at the start, is one of only two main campaign options. The full path to getting the grappling hook is as follows: 

1. The Warrior's code

This is one of the first missions you can do which will also unlock your focused hearing ability. Find Yuna and go to the Mongol camp with her to look for her brother. You won't find him but it's a day out at least. You will at least discover Taka is being held prisoner in a camp at Azamo Bay.

2. The Broken Blacksmith

Because Taka is in a heavily fortified camp you'll need a plan. Meeting with Yuna will introduce the roguish sake dealer Kenji who can smuggle you into the camp in his cart. Once inside you'll have to stay stealthy and follow an enemy who'll lead you to Taka. Once he's safe sneak away to finish the mission. 

3. Hammer and forge

Meet Yuna at Komatsu where you'll fight a small advance party of mongols. After deciding to stay you'll have to repel the invading enemies and rescue some hostages. 

4. The Iron Hook

As the name suggests this is the mission that will finally earn you the Ghost of Tsushima grapple hook. You actually get the hook right at the start but you'll have to see the mission through so meet Yuna, who'll take you to Taka and his new invention. Once you have it you'll have to rescue some prisoners that can only been reached by using the grapple hook. When that's all done the hook is yours to enjoy. Just be careful.  

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