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Get a cheap monitor deal today with more than $100 off this curved MSI beauty

Get a cheap monitor deal today with more than $100 off this curved MSI beauty
(Image credit: MSI)

A cheap gaming monitor is one of the best methods to elevate your setup, for play and for work. Plus, if you're working from home more often these days, then a new or additional monitor for everyday use is still a sound, wise investment. 

And if you're in the market for another screen? Well, we'd recommend a gaming-focused one. Such is their quality now, they are probably the most versatile and multi-purpose monitors you can get, suiting any work or play you might do. And monitor sales present a great opportunity to pick them up cheap. So, if you're working from home more often or need another panel for a multi-device or multi-screen setup, then you're in the right place. Spanning the sublime to the excellently ridiculous, there are three models with quality discounts across the big Pi Day Microsoft sale - though other gear is discounted too.

In a nutshell, the three are as follows: the headline act is the MSI Optix MPG27CQ, which is a great curved gaming monitor now down to a lowest-ever-price of just $328.59; the enormous Samsung CHG90 ultrawide, which has a solid 100-dollar discount and is going for $899; and the excellent value option, the Acer XFA240H, which is a snip at $149 and great value for a gaming-specced 24-incher (we've listed the full specs out in the blocks below).

Given the general price trends of gaming gear right now - a decline, broadly speaking - and their high quality, gaming monitors are great for everyday use, creative use and work use, as well as for playing games. This is because the best gaming monitors have to produce excellent, sharp picture quality, great contrasts, and exquisite colours from the deepest blacks to the brightest whites. As a result, they are excellent monitors for any use - especially when you don't have to spend a fortune to get a reliable screen, or one from a reputable manufacturer.

Cheap gaming monitor deals now

MSI Optix MPG27CQ curved gaming monitor | 27" | 1440p VA 1800R | 1440Hz 1ms | FreeSync | just $328.59 at Microsoft (save $150.41)
This is a lowest ever price for a quality curved gaming monitor. Crisp images, immersive curvature and great specs. Bargain.View Deal

Samsung CHG90 curved ultra-wide gaming monitor | 49" | 3840x1080p QLED | 144Hz 1ms | FreeSync 2 | $899 at Microsoft (save $100)
A tremendous gaming monitor that offers a TN panel instead of an IPS, but does offer G-Sync over FreeSync. A great option for less than $250.View Deal

Acer XFA240H gaming monitor | 24" | 1080p TN | 144Hz 1ms | G-Sync | $149 at Microsoft (save $50)
A great little gaming-focused monitor that is sensibly simple enough for day to day use too. Two of these would be a great, compact work and play setup.View Deal

Of course, you'll need to make sure you've got one of the best machines going for your brand new gaming monitor, be it one of the best gaming PCs or even best gaming laptops

Not that they're your only option. As mentioned above, such are the quality and versatility of gaming monitors, they are equally great companions for consoles, so check out the best PS4 Pro deals and best Xbox One X deals to get the most out of your shiny new screen.

If you're in the market for another screen for your living space, check out our rundown on the best gaming TVs money can buy.

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