George Lucas talks Indiana Jones V

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull may not have lived up to the beyond-high expectations (and let’s face it, what could), but it certainly unearthed some healthy box office business.

Which might explain why George “No, really... I want to make art house movies now” Lucas has been flip-flopping on the idea of going back to the Indy well for another adventure. One minute he’s hinting it’ll happen, the next he’s saying everyone is too busy.

Now, talking to MTV he’s not only laying down word that he’s trying to come up with a good mission for Dr Jones, he’s pretty much dismissing the idea that Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) can take over. “Indiana Jones is Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones. If it was Mutt Williams it would be Mutt Williams And The Search For Elvis or something.” You know, we’d watch that.

Poor old Shia – car accidents, hand surgery and now this? Still, if team Indiana does get the ol’ franchise cranked back up, they’d better get to it sharpish. Think of the old age jokes if they wait a decade...

source:( MTV )