GEON: emotions for XBLA announced

This is GEON: emotions, the first Xbox Live Arcade game from Eidos. It looks lovely, but we've no idea how it works.

Apparently it's a (PR alert) "psychedelic, pick-up-and-play game of rapidly changing tactics," with "High octane visuals, with a fast and slick sound track to match." We can't believe PR still uses the words "high octane" to describe things.

Interestingly you get to play as one of eight emotions; Rage, Passion, Fear, Envy, Rapture, Courage, Bliss and Melancholy - though it's not quite obvious how their "emotional" strengths and weaknesses fit into the gameplay. Or in fact what the gameplay even is.

Sounds like a means to pump out some easy character designs to us.

"GEON: emotions is our first title for Xbox Live Arcade and we're really proud of it," said Simon Protheroe, New Media and IT director at Eidos. "It's the perfect mix of fun, action and head-to-head competition which works so well on Live Arcade."

Check out thefirst screens here, and if you're still interested there's a trailer over on the official website.

July 19, 2007