Genshin Impact Aloy gameplay footage leak shows the Horizon Zero Dawn star's icy moves

Genshin Impact aloy
(Image credit: Epic)

Genshin Impact’s upcoming character Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn has had her abilities showcased in a leaked video.

In an unnamed video uploaded to Streamable (opens in new tab), we can see the Horizon Zero Dawn character trying out her new move set in an almost 20-second long clip. Aloy begins by using what appears to be her Elemental Skill: ‘Frozen Wilds’ which sees the warrior throwing a Cryo bomb that leaves behind several smaller Cryo bombs which will also explode when interacted with. 

The player testing out Aloy then switches into another Genshin Impact character, Kazuha, who then helps Aloy by gathering the mini Cryo bombs into a pile using their own elemental skill. Switching back to Aloy for the rest of the video, the character then pulls out her signature arrow and aims towards the pile of Cryo bombs.  

The clip stems from the Genshin Impact datamining community, and while the original upload has since been deleted, this footage remains. As with any leaks, however, it'll be worth taking this with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation of Aloy's abilities from an official source. Aloy will become available to the public starting next month with PlayStation players gaining access to the character from September 1st and all other platforms receiving her on October 13, 2021.

Aloy will be Genshin Impact’s first major crossover character, as well as the first free five-star character in the game’s history. PlayStation players will luck out again as Aloy will also be getting a free four-star bow that boosts her abilities only on PS4 and PS5 consoles, in line with Horizon Zero Dawn exclusive PlayStation launch.

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