Genshin Impact Frostbearing Tree, Crimson Agate and how to find it and level up

genshin impact frostbearing tree
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The Genshin Impact Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine has been part of the game for a while. However, if you’re new to this snowy region or you haven’t fully upgraded your Tree yet, it’s important to do so for extra rewards.

You’re probably interested in the free Wishes, but the Frostbearing Tree upgrades will also get you a large stack of Mora, enhancement materials, and even a unique Dragonspine glider. Unlocking the Frostbearing Tree is only the first step though; you also need to travel around the mountains and find the Crimson Agate locations. 

Once you reach a certain level on the Frostbearing Tree, you can do the challenges to reach higher levels. But until then, here’s how you find the Frostbearing Tree and find the first ten Crimson Agate locations!

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How to unlock the Genshin Impact Frostbearing Tree

genshin impact frostbearing tree

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The Frostbearing Tree icon is not visible on your map if you haven’t discovered and freed it yet. After you enter the Dragonspine region from the research encampment (this is also where the Dragonspine questline starts), just follow the road and you will come across a big ice shard. Paimon will make a remark about it when you are close enough.

The Frostbearing Tree is trapped inside the ice, but the game doesn’t tell you that. It also doesn’t tell you how to free it, but it’s not that difficult. Don’t try to shatter the ice right away though; you need to collect Scarlet Quartz to melt it. Every time you pick up a piece of Quartz, go directly to the ice shard and use an attack (Normal Attack will do). You need to do this four times to melt the ice completely and unlock the Frostbearing Tree. 

This is where you can find the 4 Scarlet Quartz pieces:

  • Next to the road while walking towards the Frostbearing Tree; right side.
  • When you stand in front of the ice shard, turn back to your left; there’s a big Mitachurl sitting next to it.
  • On the right side of the road, but a bit higher on the rocks. There are some enemies here too.
  • Behind the ice shard, in the grass.

How to find Genshin Impact Crimson Agate

genshin impact frostbearing tree

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Now that you unlocked the Frostbearing Tree, you can see its location on the map. You can also start leveling it to get your rewards. In order to do so, you need to make offerings of bright red stones called Crimson Agate. The only problem is… where to find Crimson Agate?

Make sure you do not confuse Crimson Agate with Scarlet Quartz, because they look somewhat alike. Other than the Scarlet Quartz, Crimson Agate is shaped like a flower and glowing. It’s also a lot harder to find. There are at least 80 Crimson Agate locations, but these are the first ten that you can easily find in the starting area of Dragonspine. This is enough to get you your first Frostbearing Tree upgrade. 

  • 1. Use the nearby Scarlet Quartz to melt the ice and get the Crimson Agate.
  • 2. Climb the rocks.
  • 3. Next to the Frostbearing Tree. Only obtainable after freeing the Tree from the ice.
  • 4. On top of the rock.
  • 5. Glide down from the previous location; it’s floating in the air.
  • 6. Climb the large gate, jump to get the Crimson Agate.
  • 7. In the middle of the circle, floating in the air. Climb up and glide down to get it.
  • 8. Defeat the mechanical guard, then use the mechanism to get rid of the water. Jump down and open the chest. There’s a Crimson Agate inside.
  • 9. You can see it from the nearby Teleport Waypoint. Glide down from there.
  • 10. Glide down from nearby rocks.

Keep an eye on your mini map while exploring the rest of Dragonspine. Just like the Anemoculi and Geoculi, every time you get close to a piece of Crimson Agate the icon will show up on the map. 

Genshin Impact Crimson Wish missions

genshin impact frostbearing tree

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The amount of Crimson Agate you can find in the wild is limited. After reaching Frostbearing Tree level 8, you will unlock the Crimson Wish missions. Completing these missions will reward you with Crimson Agate, which you need to use to upgrade the Frostbearing Tree to the maximum level of 12. There are five Crimson Wishes available at a time, and they will refresh every Monday and Friday. 

Frostbearing Tree Rewards

genshin impact frostbearing tree

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The rewards from offering Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree are quite varied. There are twelve different levels which all grant Adventure Rank experience, Mora, and weapon enhancement (level-up) materials, plus one special item. This is a level of all the special items you can get from offering Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree, plus their purpose:

  • Wishes: three Acquaint Fates and one Intertwined Fate. You can spend these on the corresponding Wish banners to get a new weapon or character.
  • Character experience material: use this to level the characters you already have.
  • Northlander Polearm Prototype: a base material used to make any craftable 4-star polearm at a blacksmith station.
  • Namecard: to decorate your profile.
  • Diagram: Frostbearer. This is the crafting recipe to make the Frostbearer Catalyst.
  • Crown of Insight: a rare character level up material.
  • Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing Snow. No purpose other than making you the most stylish person in Teyvat.
  • Diagram: Warming Bottle. This is a special item which is very handy to survive Dragonspine. Read on to discover how you make this item.

How to get a Genshin Impact Warming Bottle

genshin impact frostbearing tree

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The Warming Bottle recipe is unlocked at level 4 of the Frostbearing Tree. It will protect you from Dragonspine’s harsh climate by slowing down the Sheer Cold process, so it’s great to use while searching for Crimson Agate and doing Crimson Wish quests.

To make one, you need to go to a crafting station. There is one in Mondstadt and in Liyue Harbor. As for the materials, you need Flaming Flower Stamens and Starsilver. The first can be found all over Teyvat; just use either a Hydro or Cryo skill on the burning flower to collect it. The latter is a new, common resource which can only be found in Dragonspine. 

Now you know everything you need to find Crimson Agate, upgrade your Frostbearing Tree, and equip your new set of Wings!

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