Genshin impact Dainsleif questions: what are the answers in the Bough Keeper quest

genshin impact Dainsleif questions
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One of the first new quests you will encounter in Genshin Impact 1.3, is Bough Keeper: Dainsleif. It introduces a new character (Dainsleif) and presents you with a series of questions. Each question has three different answers you can choose from.

There is something for everyone here; if you want to brag about your past Genshin Impact achievements, you can definitely do so. Alternatively, you can choose to be very humble or diplomatic. But what answers are the best? And who exactly is this Dainsleif character? 

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Bough Keeper: Dainsleif Rewards

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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As this is a high-level quest, the rewards are also pretty good. You will get 800 Adventure Rank experience, 60 Primogems, Mora, Talent level-up materials (Resistance, Freedom, and Ballad), Character level-up material, and Weapon level-up material. Even if you’re not that interested in Dainsleif’s questions, that’s worth some time!

How to start the Bough keeper: Dainsleif Quest

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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The Bough Keeper: Dainsleif quest is only available once you’re Adventure Rank 36 or higher. You don’t need to search for it; after completing a certain part of the Archon questline, it will automatically appear in your Journal. 

If you want to see how close you are to the start of Bough Keeper: Dainsleif, you should open up your Journal and look at the top quest. Right under the name of the Archon quest, you can see a Chapter and Act number. The Bough Keeper: Dainsleif quest starts after completing Chapter 1: Act 3.

How to find Dainsleif

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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Once you reach that point, you have to speak with Katheryne of the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. After speaking to her, you need to talk to Lawrence, the guard just outside Mondstadt’s gate. Next, go to the blacksmith, Wagner. After speaking to him, go to the Tavern to talk with Charles. He will tell you to wait on the second floor. After that, you can go down again and you will see Dainsleif.

Bough Keeper: Dainsleif questions & answers

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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The only thing you need to do next, is talk to Dainsleif and give him 500 Mora. He will then start questioning you:

Here are all the questions and answers and below we'll look into which, if any, are the right choices. 

Question one: ‘The crisis Mondstadt faced was resolved by an alliance between yourself and that… Anemo Archon who calls himself Venti. Who, in your view, was the key to ending that crisis?’

  1. It was Venti.
  2. It was me.
  3. The unity of Mondstadt's people gave us the victory.

Question 2: ‘Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they’ve lost their deity?’

  1. The adepti.
  2. The Liyue Qixing.
  3. Everyone in Liyue Harbor.

Question 3: ‘This world has people who gained Visions, and those who did not. Which of the two do you think hold more importance in the eyes of the gods?’

  1. Those with Visions.
  2. Those without Visions.
  3. Perhaps... none of them do.

Do your answers to Dainsleif’s questions matter?

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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Many players are wondering whether the answers you choose have consequences later on. At the moment of writing, it seems like the answers don’t have any effects on your gameplay. It is not impossible that the answers will come back in some way in later quests, but there is nothing that suggests this. It’s quite safe to assume that you can simply choose the answers you like the best.

That said, you might prefer to choose the answers that Dainsleif appreciates. For every question, this is the lowest one (the third answer: ‘unity of Mondstadt’s people’, ‘everyone in Liyue harbor’, ‘none of them’). 

Who is Dainsleif?

genshin impact Dainsleif questions

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Now that you’ve finished the Bough Keeper: Dainsleif quest, you may be wondering who the mysterious Dainsleif is. He seems to be very old, judging by the way he speaks about events that happened a long time ago. Most interestingly though, he seems to know Traveler’s sibling (whose disappearance is at the core of Genshin Impact’s story). We can therefore expect Dainsleif to become an important character. Furthermore, Dainsleif is already confirmed as a playable character. His Elemental type is still unknown.

Let’s go give him some answers!

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