How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact 2.0

Genshin impact Inazuma
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The Genshin Impact Inazuma region in 2.0 is open for exploration! But how do you get to Inazuma? Before you’re ready to sail to the third Genshin Impact realm, you must meet the entry requirements and complete several questlines. Here’s how you get to board Beidou’s ship and gain access to the Inazuma region!

If you already managed to arrive in Inazuma, but you want to know how to leave Ritou, we’ll explain that too. Don’t worry; once you get out of Ritou, you’re free to explore the rest of Narukami Island in Inazuma freely!

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How to enter Inazuma: Genshin Impact Inazuma requirements

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Unfortunately, not all players will be ready to get to Inazuma right after downloading Genshin Impact 2.0. Some may find that the only thing stopping them is a quest requirement, but others may have a lot of leveling up to do first. Here’s a list of all Inazuma entry requirements:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30. If you’re new to Genshin Impact, chances are that you’re AR is lower than 30 (you can check this in the main menu, it’s in your profile). If you want to level up quickly, you can complete quests that award high Adventure Rank experience. Go for the daily quests in particular.
  • Complete the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Prologue: ‘Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves’. This new Archon Quest is a continuation of the main story in Genshin Impact. It was released in Genshin Impact 1.6 and will unlock automatically after completing all previous Archon Quests and reaching Adventure Rank 30. It doesn’t take place in Inazuma yet, but it’s the start of the Inazuma storyline.
  • Start Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1. Following this questline will eventually unlock Inazuma.

How NOT to get to Inazuma: don’t use Kaeya

Genshin impact Inazuma

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It seems that many players have tried to reach Inazuma by walking over water, using Cryo character Kaeya. This will take an awful lot of time and it won’t work. Even if you manage to get halfway to Inazuma without drowning (which is impressive, by the way), you’ll be struck by lightning and killed. So, don’t try to reach Inazuma all by yourself; just follow the Archon Questlines as instructed below.

How to get to Inazuma & meet Thoma 

Genshin impact Inazuma

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After starting the Archon Quest Chapter 2: Act 1, you have to talk to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor. You then have to board Beidou’s ship to start the journey to Inazuma. Note that Beidou’s ship is located east of Guyun Stone Forest; not in Liyue Harbor! You can climb the nearby rocks and glide over to the ship.

Boarding the ship and talking to Beidou will trigger a cutscene. After that, you’ll arrive in Ritou, a small harbor island. This tiny peninsula is part of the larger Narukami Island. Congratulations, you’re now in Inazuma! You’re welcomed by Thoma, who calls himself a ‘fixer’ and guides you around Ritou (he’ll also put you to work immediately). Be ready to talk to some Inazuma NPC’s!

How to unlock Narukami Island in Inazuma

Genshin impact Inazuma

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However, you’re not free to explore the rest of Inazuma yet. If you try to leave Ritou, you will be stopped by the guards. For now, you just need to continue the Archon questline. Talk to the NPC’s as instructed during the ‘Setting Sail’ and ‘Confessions of an Outlander’ quests. 

After you start ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ (third sub-quest in this Archon Questline), you will meet a mysterious woman named Hiiragi Chisato, who asks you to meet her after 18:00 (in-game time). There’s no location indicator before 18:00 on the map, but the meeting place will be next to her house. Set the timer in your main menu to 18:00 to start your escape from Ritou. Doing so will unlock Narukami Island in full.

Have fun exploring Inazuma in Genshin Impact 2.0!

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