How to use the Genshin Impact Memento Lens

genshin impact memento lens
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The Genshin Impact Memento Lens is a new Gadget added in 2.0 that appears in the Sacrificial Offering quest. It’s a strange tool used to extract memories and secrets from little stone fox statues. If that sounds like an object you always wanted to have, keep reading to figure out where to get it!

The Memento Lens can only be found in Inazuma as part of a World Quest. It can take forever to find it if you don’t know where to start, but we’ll help you on your way. If you already have a Memento Lens but you don’t know how to use it, we’ll explain that to. 

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How to get the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact

how to get genshin impact memento lens

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You can obtain the Memento Lens gadget during the Sacrificial Offering quest. This Inazuma World Quest is part of the larger Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest chain. Before you can start Sacrificial Offering, you need to do the ‘A Strange Story in Konda’ World Quest. 

Start A Strange Story in Konda by talking to the masked lady on the beach northwest of Konda Village. If you walk from Ritou to the rest of Narukami Island for the first time, you’ll see her standing on top of the stairs when you cross the ocean (see picture). Her location will also be marked with a blue exclamation mark on your mini-map.

Completing this World Quest will automatically start Sacrificial Offering. One of the first objectives is to go to the Grand Narukami Shrine on top of the mountain, where you’ll receive the Memento Lens. 

How to use the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact

how to use the genshin impact memento lens

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The Genshin Impact Memento Lens is an observation tool used to reveal hidden things (memories, but also objects). It will probably remind you of the Kamera gadgets from Liyue and Mondstadt. To equip it, open your bag and find it under the ‘Gadgets’ tab. After equipping the Memento Lens, you can use it by pressing Z.

As the Memento Lens is used to activate memories from the stone fox statues called ‘Kitsune statues’, nothing will happen if you don’t aim it at a tiny fox. If you do find a Kitsune statue though, the Memento Lens will automatically reveal the secret just by aiming at the Kitsune. No zooming or clicking required.

Which Kitsune statues should you use the Memento Lens on?

genshin impact memento lens Which Kitsune statues

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So, how does one find a Kitsune statue in Inazuma? And more importantly, how does one find the right type of Kitsune? There are two very important things you should know about the Memento Lens:

The Memento Lens only works on the tiny Kitsune statues. It doesn’t work on the larger stone foxes. As you can see in the picture, the correct Kitsune size is right next to Zhongli. You can see some of the bigger fox statues in the background.

The Memento Lens only works on the Kitsune statues with a purple glow (again, like the one next to Zhongli in the picture). There are plenty more Kitsune statues without that glow to be found, but aiming the Memento Lens at them will not trigger anything.

Memento Lens puzzles

genshin impact memento lens

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You will need the Memento Lens to solve a bunch of puzzles around Inazuma. Sometimes it will trigger a memory (a dialogue screen), and sometimes it will reveal a statue or a missing part of the puzzle. So, if you’re stuck on an Inazuma puzzle, it’s always a good idea to search the area for little glowing Kitsune statues. Likewise, if you encounter a glowing Kitsune in the wild, you should always use the Memento Lens on them. You never know what you’re going to discover!

Let’s start the Memento Lens questline and find ourselves some tiny stone foxes!

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