Lego Fortnite Cosy and Expert Modes: How do they work?

Lego Fortnite Cosy and Expert Modes
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Lego Fortnite Cosy and Expert Modes provide two new ways to approach the sandbox and adventure experience, so whether you want to just focus on farming or engage in an all-out battle for survival, there will be an option to suit you. You can now adjust the Enemy Difficulty in Lego Fortnite through a newly added setting, as well as choosing if the fresh threat from Storm-Wild enemies is something you want to encounter in your world. To find out more, here's the lowdown on Cosy and Expert Modes in Lego Fortnite.

Lego Fortnite Cosy Mode explained

Lego Fortnite Cosy Mode

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Lego Fortnite Cosy Mode is designed for players who want a little bit of a challenge, while mainly being able to focus on building, farming, and creating a friendly village full of happy residents. When starting in Cosy Mode, you'll be greeted by new character Slumber who will cheerily guide you through the process of establishing your village and setting off on adventures. Combat isn't completely ruled out, but enemies will be easier to defeat so they're much less of a threat to your survival.

The default settings for Cosy Mode in Lego Fortnite, which can all be changed to customize things just how you want them, are as follows:

  • Enemies - On
  • Enemy Difficulty (new) - Easy
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (new) - Off
  • Hunger - Off
  • Temperature - Off
  • Stamina - Off
  • Player Elimination - Respawn
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - Off
  • Friendly Creatures - On
  • Friendly Damage - Off
  • Villagers - On
  • Power System - Off
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - Off

With Hunger, Temperature, and Stamina all turned off, you can explore to your heart's content without having to worry about finding food, shelter, or resting.

Lego Fortnite Expert Mode explained

Lego Fortnite Expert Mode

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In Lego Fortnite Expert Mode, the difficulty is ramped up so that regular enemies are now stronger than before, and you have the added danger of encountering fierce Storm-Wild enemies – more on them below. These are the default settings for Expert Mode in Lego Fortnite, and pretty much all of them are locked so can't be changed to make the experience easier:

  • Enemies - On (locked)
  • Enemy Difficulty (new) - Hard (locked)
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (new) - On (locked)
  • Hunger - On (locked)
  • Temperature - On (locked)
  • Stamina - On (locked)
  • Player Elimination - Permanent (locked)
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - On (locked)
  • Friendly Creatures - On (locked)
  • Friendly Damage - Off
  • Villagers - On (locked)
  • Power System - On (locked)
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - On (locked)

The only option that can be changed is to turn on Friendly Damage, if you want to make things even more difficult for yourself! You'll also notice that Player Elimination is locked to Permanent, meaning if you lose all your hearts in the world then you're locked out and cannot return – though there is a lifeline.

Lego Fortnite Totem of Return

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If you have a Totem of Return equipped when your last heart is lost, you'll safely wake up in your bed as if nothing happened, though the Totem will be destroyed in the process. To unlock the recipe for the Totem of Return, you'll need to collect a Storm Core from a defeated Storm-Wild enemy.

Finally, if you do get eliminated in Expert Mode and don't have a Totem of Return available then you're not permanently excluded from the game, and can still visit other non-Expert worlds or make a new Expert world to try again. Anyone you gave a key to can still access your old Expert world after you're gone, unless you decide to delete it.

Lego Fortnite Storm-Wild Enemies

Lego Fortnite Storm-Wild Enemy

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The Lego Fortnite Storm-Wild enemies are a new breed of foe, who have been infected by the storm to become extremely powerful beings. Not only do they have additional Health and deal more damage than regular enemies, but they also move faster than them which makes it harder then normal to run away. You should therefore make sure you're armed and ready to face any Storm-Wild enemies before you leave your village, or watch out for them and keep as far away as possible to avoid a tough confrontation.

Lego Fortnite Expert Mode Trophies

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However, if you do manage to defeat certain Storm-Wild enemies in Expert Mode, then you can earn the trophies shown above to proudly display in your village. The requirements for unlocking these are as follows:

  • Grasslands Trophy - Defeat a Storm-Wild Brute in the Grasslands, then interact with a Level 10 Grasslands Village
  • Dry Valley Trophy - Defeat a Storm-Wild Sand Brute, then interact with a Level 10 Dry Valley Village
  • Frostlands Trophy - Defeat a Storm-Wild Frost Brute, then interact with a Level 10 Frostlands Village

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