Lego Fortnite Flexwood: how to find and mine it

Lego Fortnite Flexwood
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Lego Fortnite Flexwood is a special material used for crafting in the middle and late phases of the game, mined or harvested from cacti in the desert. Flexwood is very useful for making some of the better, rarer materials, but while it's not easy to get, there's methods for doing so that mean you don't have to get the Rare Axe to harvest it - something you'd normally need. Here's how to get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite, and all the ways you can harvest it accordingly.

How to get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

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Flexwood in Lego Fortnite is dropped by any Cactus in the Dry Valley (aka, the desert) biome. If you can destroy the cactus, it should drop Flexwood that you can pick up and use - a material that looks like a blue-tinted version of the standard logs you normally get when punching trees.

To harvest Flexwood, you'd normally need a Rare Axe to cut the cactus, which you can get from the second Lego Fortnite Crafting Bench upgrade, but there are other methods to procure it. If you can get any explosives, such as a Boom Barrel, those will destroy cacti - and anything else nearby. 

However, there's another, easier, though arguably riskier method: have an enemy destroy it! A Roller crashing into a cactus or a Brute punching through it will destroy it instantly! Of course, you have to then bolt out of the way to ensure you're not hit by the same attack, but it will obliterate the cactus in the process. In fact, this process works for all trees and resources - something to keep in mind as you play!

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