Terraria creator has a simple question for the team behind one of the game's best mods: "Which of you wants to work for Re-Logic and get paid for your work?"

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Terraria creator Andrew "Redigit" Spinks has rather casually offered a job to the makers of one of Terraria's biggest mods.

Calamity is an absolute behemoth of a Terraria mod that adds dozens of hours of endgame content along with a roughly equal measure of new enemies and boss fights, more than 1,000 new items, brutal new difficulty modes, five new biomes and structures, a new class, over 40 new songs, more than 50 new recipes, and a ton of tweaks to existing vanilla content as well as entirely new additions. It's arguably the biggest mod that currently exists for the enduring 2011 sandbox game, and now its creators seemingly have the chance to work with the mind behind the base game.

"Yo @CalamityModTeam, which of you wants to work for @ReLogicGames and get paid for your work?" Spinks wrote in a recent tweet.

There's a long history of video game modders joining studios as official developers, with one of the most topical examples in recent memory being the creator of Stardew Valley's best mod working with Eric Barone on update 1.6

It's unclear whether Spinks' tweet was intended as an actual job offer, but it sure wouldn't be without precedent. After all, Spinks told the mod team he was going to hire "your sound guy" after Calamity's soundtrack ranked higher than the base game itself on a list of the best video game music.

In an amusing exchange, one of Calamity's devs going by @Shayy_TV on Twitter responded to Spinks' tweet and said: "I don't have a resume, but I do run the @CalamityModTeam account and know how to make funny videos!" Unfortunately for them, Spinks fired back with, "ChatGPT is real easy to use," and followed up by saying their "fatal error" was only just now following his Twitter account. The official Calamity account then stepped in, presumably with a tweet written by the same modder that was just shot down, saying, "Yeah, but I followed you here on this account before you followed me, so... even steven, right?" That's the end of the conversation in the public sphere, however.

The Terraria creator recently announced a brand-new refund policy: beat him in PvP solo and you'll get your money back "for any reason, no questions asked".

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