Terraria's creator is "pleased to announce" a brand-new refund policy - beat him in PvP solo and you'll get your money back "for any reason, no questions asked"

Terraria art showing a short-haired blond man sitting atop a grassy field in metal armor, colorful slimes on either side of him
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According to the mastermind Terraria creator himself, you can snag a refund for no reason at all - as long as you can take him on in PvP without any help, that is.

Andrew "Redigit" Spinks, the legendary developer behind indie sandbox gem Terraria, says that he's more than willing to refund players the game's $10 price right now. There's only one catch, though - and it comes as no easy task. In a recent post on Twitter, Redigit says that he's "pleased to announce that Re-Logic has a new refund policy." This policy (rightfully) seems too good to be true initially, as it surprisingly decrees that fans can "refund Terraria for any reason" with "no questions asked."

All players have to do to get their money back is "personally defeat" Redigit in PvP. If you're a hardened Terraria stan yourself and are thinking about taking the challenge on for easy cash - think again. Chippy, a legendary Terraria YouTuber and friend of Redigit, explains that it's a lot "harder than it sounds." In a video posted underneath the dev's proposition, Chippy shows just why this is the case. His clip features both himself and Redigit jousting for Re-Logic's CEO position.

"We are jousting, and whoever wins the joust becomes the new CEO of Re-Logic," Redigit says at the beginning of the video. The two then engage in some stabby lance-ridden chaos until Chippy succumbs - meanwhile, Redigit is left with almost seven full hearts of health points. If someone whose reputation in Terraria precedes him can't pull the feat off, it doesn't look good for the rest of us. Besides, there's no telling what happens if you do (likely) lose against the dev.

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