You don't need to git gud, you just need a mice cleanup - FromSoft blames possible Elden Ring performance issues on mouse-related apps

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's performance woes might be down to mouse-related apps running in the background, developer FromSoftware has warned, though there's no clue as to which apps could be causing the issue. Best check your PC for any mouse-related apps you might have running, as well as your wires for actual mice - just in case. 

Elden Ring's slightly unreliable performance was once a problem in the base game too, but semi-frequent framerate dips have reared their head again in the recently-released mega-expansion. PC players in particular have complained about stuttering since the 1.12.2 update earlier this week, and FromSoft has a kind-of-fix prepared for us.

"In the PC version, the framerate may not be stable when playing the game while running a mouse-control related app," the developer's support account tweets. "In that case, please try playing the game after stopping the mouse-control related app."

FromSoftware obviously doesn't say which mousy apps are causing problems, but if you happen to be running anything like the G Hub or Razor apps in the background and are also suffering with wonky performance in-game, than you're best bet is to close the software and try again.  

Mere two days after players descended into the Land of Shadow, the Elden Ring DLC sat at a 'Mixed' Steam rating as initial user reviews complained about gruelling boss difficulty and performance troubles. Steam players later began to make peace with the expansion because the user ratings recently slid into 'Mostly Positive' territory. All FromSoft needed was a little time for people to find their feet with the expansion's new Scadutree Fragment progression system.

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki also said he could get behind a movie adaptation, but only if he’s not heavily involved.

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