Now this is Shadow of the Erdtree prep: Elden Ring mad lad turns every enemy (and animal) into DLC gatekeepers Mohg and Radahn, still beats the game in 9 hours

Elden Ring Mohg and Radahn
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While Elden Ring veterans were busy helping players beat Mohg and unlock the incoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC – something startlingly few people have done, apparentlynotorious challenge runner Bushy was taking Elden Ring DLC prep to a whole new level. With the power of mods, he turned every enemy and animal in Elden Ring into Mohg and Radahn, the two bosses required to reach the DLC area, and still managed to beat the game in just under nine hours. 

You may know Bushy as the guy who previously managed a similar feat with every enemy transformed into Malenia, or from his many other absurd Elden Ring runs. This Mohg Radahn run – Mohgradahn, you might say, which kind of sounds like a dinosaur or a Transformer – is arguably more impressive given the mobility, mechanics, and sheer AoE attached to these two bosses. Malenia is fast, sure, but she's not "Radahn's meteor" fast. 

The bad news in this challenge is that the map is crawling with two pinnacle bosses. As you can imagine, this necessitates a lot of running and riding around hoping for the best. The good news is that friendly fire is enabled between NPCs, so plenty of Mohgs and Radahns get caught in the crossfire. 

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The better news is that, due to the way Elden Ring and FromSoftware games in general handle level scaling area by area, all of these bosses aren't at their full, normal strength. Bushy has to beat Mohg and Radahn many times over the old-fashioned way, while inexplicably swapping weapons regularly just to make things more exciting – which seems to me like trying to light fire on fire – but thankfully they're often noticeably weaker versions. By the way, this video doubles as a great showcase of some underrated weapons if you're looking for DLC build inspiration.  

One breakthrough moment comes fairly early into the run with the acquisition of the Bloodhound's Step Ash of War, which comes with plentiful i-frames that make dodging through packs of flailing bosses much easier, or at least slightly more consistent. Naturally, Bushy also needs to pick up the Purifying Crystal Tear for the Physick flask in order to negate all the Nihil attacks from the many Mohgs – which, yes, do work even with this absurd enemy mod. Mohg's Shackle also works, giving Bushy another edge in half the fights. 

The run is as ridiculous as it sounds, but also downright poetic in many cases. The normal Radahn is swapped with Mohg, for instance, resulting in the celestial terror Starscourge Mohg. The final bosses, Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, are perfectly transformed into Radahn of the Golden Order and Elden Mohg. The mod works by randomly swapping half of the entities with one boss and the other half with the other, so stuff like this really is a coin flip. 

It's only fair that Bushy ends the run with the famously powerful spiked balls, using their impressive stance and bleed damage to make relatively short work of both bosses. Now we wait to see what nonsense players cook up in Shadow of the Erdtree. As we said in our Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree review, it was worth the wait.  

Elsewhere, another Elden Ring player commits to an ill-advised playthrough where they drink after every death, reaches the final boss over 50 swigs deep, then gives up to preserve their own health.

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