Elden Ring tank one-ups other Shadow of the Erdtree challenge runs with an "All Hits" playthrough that bans dodging, blocking, and flasks

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring challenges are getting a little hard to top. After players beat the game's nail-biting bosses with their pet goldfish, a Wiimote Greatsword, or by turning them all into Malenia - what can you possibly do to one-up them? One player is trying anyway with an "ALL HIT" run, and they've just beaten the boss that's been absolutely wiping the floor with Shadow of the Erdtree entrants. 

"You've all seen 'No Hit' runs of the DLC's final boss," YouTuber Recjawjind explains, referring to the challenge runs where people play through the game without taking a single hit. "Now get ready for the opposite." The video below shows the content creator making light work of the game's final boss without dodging, blocking attacks, or healing with a flask. It's quite literally all hits. Be wary of spoilers below for that boss if you've not already seen or fought it, though.

The YouTube video's description mentions that their rune level is at 200 and their Scadutree Blessing level is at +20, meaning you probably shouldn't try this at home. The character is pretty much a certified tank, just look at the way they shrug off meteor strikes like it's nothing. (If you do wanna take on an All Hits challenge for yourself, be sure to check out our guide to all Scadutree Fragment locations in Shadow of the Erdtree.)

Elden Ring DLC - Promised Consort Radahn rl200 [ALL HIT, NO DODGING, NO BLOCKING, RL200, NO FLASK] - YouTube Elden Ring DLC - Promised Consort Radahn rl200 [ALL HIT, NO DODGING, NO BLOCKING, RL200, NO FLASK] - YouTube
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Be sure to stick around for the end to see our Tarnished literally chuck a pot at the dying god's defeated body to really twist the knife in. What a sassy send off. 

Over on Reddit, Recjawjind explains that they're using a Crimson Bubbletear Physick Flask to automatically restore health right before the meteors burn through their health pool. A blessing boon also topped up the player's health by regenerating 8 HP per second, which explains how they managed to get so effortlessly tanky.

Elsewhere, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is back up to a ‘Mostly Positive’ reception on Steam after initial performance woes and difficulty complaints made the DLC debut to a ‘Mixed’ reception.

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