New Frozen 2 trailer teases epic journey for Elsa, Anna and the gang

The new Frozen 2 trailer is here! Offering a glimpse at one of this year's most-anticipated new Disney movies, the trailer sees Elsa showcasing her icy powers, all while the likes of Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven join the Snow Queen on her trip outside the kingdom of Arendelle. Watch the Frozen 2 trailer for yourself above, then we'll go into some more detail about what is (probably) going to be the last clip, teaser or otherwise, we'll see before its November 22 release date.

The new trailer starts with a young Anna and Elsa being told by their father about an enchanted forest. We then skip ahead to the sisters all grown up, and with Anna questioning why Elsa seems "weird" at the moment. Turns out, the magical queen has been hearing a voice – one that has caused her powers to get out of control. A magical troll then pops up and tells Elsa to find who has been calling to her.

Elsa and Anna also come across a new group of people, ones who are curious about Elsa's mastery of magic. They obviously haven't watched Let It Go a billion times like the rest of us. The trailer then ends with Elsa riding a horse (made out of water, naturally) and a terrifying 20-foot rock golem towering over a forest. Gulp.

This isn't the only Frozen 2 trailer worth watching, though. February saw the first Frozen 2 trailer, complete with a much darker, slightly more autumnal tone than you may have been expecting.

Bradley Russell

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