From Kratos to Walter White, these Diablo 4 transmogs are impressive as hell

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 transmog is being used to kit out some incredibly impressive custom characters, some of which are meant to resemble heroes from other series, and some which just look plain badass.

Although the game's only been fully out for about 24 hours, there's already a dedicated subreddit for Diablo 4 players who want to show off their builds. Trawling the forum for even a brief amount of time yields some incredibly detailed designs - enough that it might just make you question whether you need to spend any of your hard-earned real-life money on the in-game cosmetics store.

For instance, here's a pretty spot-on Kratos, whose creator confirmed was made without mods and entirely using the in-game transmog tools.

I see your He-Man and raise you my old-school Kratos transmog! from r/diablo4

"Deckard Pain" is another one of my favorites, a barbaric take on the classic Diablo character.

I present to you... Deckard Pain from r/diablo4

This one's just silly, but it's just silly enough that it's worth a mention. Apparently not even Lilith is safe from the destructive scheming of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White, whose "Crystalline Harvester" title is just *chef's kiss*. 

Heard there were some doors...that need knocking! from r/diablo4

Oh, and here's John Goodman.

I noticed the resemblance so I went with it from r/diablo4

Some of the most impressive Diablo 4 player characters I've seen are the ones that are all-original designs, from the "daughter of Lilith" to the "Frost Sorc":

Daughter Of Lilith from r/Diablo4Transmog
Frost Sorc from r/Diablo4Transmog
"In his ravenous hatred he found no peace." from r/diablo4
I do love the free Transmogs from r/diablo4
Royal Executioner Druid from r/diablo4

This is surely only the beginning, but it's a damn good start and really showcases how deep the transmog options are in Diablo 4. Don't get me wrong, the cash hop has some really, really tempting items, but it's nice to know you can still build out a visually distinctive character without having to shell out for premium cosmetics.

In case you missed it, a new Diablo 4 hotfix will make your life much easier when you're in dungeons.

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