Friday the 13th sequel loses director, scores new writer

With the forthcoming sequel getting pushed back on multiple occasions, it's hard to keep track of the Friday the 13th franchise. Last month Paramount announced the movie would be opening in 2017, not 2016, and while that's still the current date expect it to change again soon. Director David Bruckner has now departed the project, with The Wrap citing those scheduling differences as the reason for his exit. Bruckner's involvement boosted the film's prospects, as The Signal director was a solid candidate to reinvigorate the somewhat-stale franchise.

However, all is not lost. Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski is now nailing down a deal to work on the latest draft of the script. It's thought that Bruckner's decision to split was due to the wait for that new screenplay. Should things turn around and get back on track, the studio welcomes the director's return if he is amenable.

The addition of Guzikowski bodes well for the film. At the moment it's still being touted as another Jason Voorhees summer camp killing spree, as you'd expect, with no nuances about how that might differ from earlier sequels. Still, you've got to be grateful, at least it's no longer going to be found footage. Friday the 13th opens on January 13 2017.

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