Fortnite football pitches - All locations revealed, including all those secret ones

The Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for week 7 included the task to score a goal on different pitches across the Fortnite map. To complete it you have to score five goals on the pitches available, of which there are seven to discover. There were already three obvious football pitches on the map, but Epic Games actually added four new, hidden Fortnite football pitches right under our noses. Here's where to find all the Fortnite football pitch locations to tick off the the Week 7 challenge.

Score a goal on different pitches: south of Pleasant Park

The Pleasant Park football pitch should be very familiar and it's hard to miss. Just head to Pleasant Park, and aim for the big green bit.

There's no tricks here: just land, take a run at the ball and try to get it in before anyone shoots you. 

Score a goal on different pitches: north of Pleasant Park

Score one more for Pleasant Park with the pitch you can find to the north of that location. This is a more recent addition but you can't really miss it once you're headed that way.

Word of warning here, however: the balconies and stands are prime camping grounds, so expect to get shot to pieces as you try to make that goal. 

Score a goal on different pitches: west of Tilted Towers

Another easy pitch here, although it's inside a building so if you haven't somehow been there before, you're aiming for this: 

Again, like the north of Pleasant Park football pitch this location has a lot of opportunities for campers so drop in (through the roof, maybe), score and run.

Score a goal on different pitches: Container Park, in between Tomato Town and Retail Row

Here's your first secret football pitch in Fortnite, in a car park at the Container Park. You'll need to head here initially: 

Then, because it's a secret football pitch you'll be using these containers as goal posts. Assuming you live long enough. Being that close to all those chests and guns means this is not a great place to drop into unarmed.

Score a goal on different pitches: Flush Factory

There's another Fortnite secret football pitch in Flush Factory and it's quite well hidden, so pay attention if you're going that way. You need to find the car park with the two yellow cars in: 

If you can make it there alive then you'll find the goal posts are toilets (what else?). If you live long enough, score and then get the hell out of there. 

Score a goal on different pitches: Risky Reels

There's another secret Fortnite football pitch hidden at Risky Reels, and for some reason this was really busy - possibly because it was the last place the bus passed. It's not hard to find the pitch though as you just need to head for the screen. 

When you land get under the screen and look for a rusty looking junk goal. Knock the ball in and you're done. 

Score a goal on different pitches: Fatal Fields

The secret football pitch at Fatal Fields is the trickiest one in Fortnite. It's not obvious from a distance and there's competition that doesn't come from the other players. Head for this unassuming brown field: 

Once there you'll find an entire team, including a goalie, to beat. Okay, they're just scarecrows but they can still cause problems if your footy skills are a bit rubbish. 

In case you missed it, you can now download Fortnite on Switch, BUT you can't sign in on Switch with your Fortnite account if you've played on PS4, so... great. 

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