Fortnite Season 6 Tier 100 skin is a werewolf and it costs half the XP to fully evolve

fortnite tier 100 challenge

After quite an intriguing end to Fortnite season 5 with all the cube antics, the new season is finally here, and along with 10 more weeks of Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, it's time to see what the top dog skin is for this season. And it turns out dog is actually quite the appropriate term. Because the Fortnite Season 6 Tier 100 challenge skin is called Dire, and it's an amazing werewolf that evolves and changes the more XP you earn. 

Take a look:

Tier 100 challenge Dire skin:

Tier 100 challenge - Dire skin

Earn 30,000 XP for tier 2:

Fortnite tier 100 challenge

Earn 70,000 XP for tier 3:

Fortnite tier 100 challenge

Earn 120,000 XP for tier 4:

Fortnite tier 100 challenge

Earn 180,000 XP for tier 5:

Fortnite tier 100 challenge

Earn 250,000 XP for tier 6:

Fortnite tier 100 challenge

Fortnite season 6 Tier 100 challenges:

So how do you nab this rare skin for yourself and look like a total badass as you nab yourself yet another Victory Royale? First you'll have to reach Tier 100, which is no small feat in and of itself. Doing so will unlock a new suite of Dire challenges, which you'll need to complete in order to get the full upgrade set for the skin and get yourself the Permafrost axe. They're all XP based this time around for the Fortnite Tier 100 challenge, so prepare yourself for the grind. 

  • Gain 30,000 XP
  • Gain 70,000 XP
  • Gain 120,000 XP
  • Gain 180,000 XP
  • Gain 250,000 XP

If you want the full Fortnite Full Moon set, you'll have to earn 250,000 XP. So clear your calendar and get ready to spend a hefty chunk of time in the world of Fortnite.

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