Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe: How to get the free classic default pickaxe, and the OG default skins

Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe free classic default OG skins
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The Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe is a reward issued by Epic, to celebrate players' loyalty to the battle royale and let everyone harvest those materials like we're back in Chapter 1 again. This ties in to the game making the leap to the next generation, as the Fortnite next-gen upgrade is now available for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with benefits including increased resolution and frame rate coupled with faster loading times and more dynamic physics. The way we see Fortnite is about to change dramatically, so Epic want us to remember where it all began with this OG item. If you want to know how to claim the Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe, we've got all the information you need.

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How to get the Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe

Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe how to get

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The Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe is available for free to all Fortnite players on all supported platforms – so that's PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices... sorry, iOS users. You can collect it now, and it's available right through to January 15, 2021, which means you've got plenty of time to add it to your locker.

Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe

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To get the Fortnite Throwback Axe pickaxe, you can either claim it through the in-game Item Shop, or Sony users can pick it up through the PlayStation Store. Although it's available through those stores, the price will be set to free so you won't have to spend any actual money to complete your 'purchase' and put this harvesting tool in your collection.

How to get the Fortnite original default skins

Fortnite Origins Set

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The Fortnite original default skins from Chapter 1 made a brief return to the game, as part of the Origins Set in the Item Shop, along with The O.G. glider. However, these were only listed for a limited time, and are currently not available for purchase. It's possible they will return in the future, but if you didn't pick them up at the time then for now at least you've missed out.

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