Fortnite Shooting Galleries - where to find them all for the Season 7 Week 10 challenge

We've seen Fortnite shooting galleries before in a previous season, but they now make a return for the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges in Season 7 Week 10. This time around there are only three of them, which you have to take on and get a score of five or more before moving on to the next in this multi-stage challenge. If you've not used a Fortnite shooting gallery before, then this is how they work - stand on the trigger pad near the sign in the centre to begin the challenge, then blast the red and white targets as they appear around you. If you take too long to shoot them and they're allowed to drop back down, then the challenge ends and your current score is saved. Helpfully, if you didn't hit a score of five or more then you can just stand on the trigger pad for another go. Read on, and we'll show you where all three of the Fortnite shooting galleries are located.

There are three stages to the shooting galleries challenge, which are unlocked in turn. The first location you have to go to is east of Wailing Woods in grid J3, followed by north of Retail Row in H5, and finally east of Paradise Palms in I8.

For the first Fortnite shooting gallery, you want to head east of Wailing Woods to the edge of the coast, where you'll find the trigger pad near a large tree and some rocks. The targets will appear in an arc around the rocks in front of you, so keep looking from side to side to spot them all.

This second Fortnite shooting gallery is tucked in the woods directly north of Retail Row, near the junction of two roads. The targets will appear on the right hand side of the sign, once you stand on the pad.

The third and final Fortnite shooting gallery is east of Paradise Palms near the coast, and it's an interesting one as the targets are quite a distance north of the pad on the other side of a cove. Make sure you have a weapon with a decent range before starting, as shotguns aren't going to cut it here!

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