Follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts - Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Challenge

This week's follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts challenge will take you to the mountains near Dusty Divot and Salty Springs in search of those free Battle Stars. It's one of your Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) and a nice easy way to gain some stars, and a whole new Battle Pass tier.

Here's the Shifty Shafts map and it's a very familiar pile of rocks, namely the mountains you can find north of Salty Spring and south west of Dusty Divot.  

How to follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts

Obviously you'll want to set your sights on those mountains, so jump anywhere around the Dusty Divot/Salty Springs area and head for the point marked below

1. Head to the mountains 

You can pretty much jump anywhere around the middle of the map to reach those mountains. Just aim for the red circle once you're clear of the bus and everything should be peachy. 

2. Aim for this lower ledge

As you can see from the image, you want to hit this ledge if you can. Don't worry if you miss it though as it's not that high and you can easily build up. Or, alternately, land above and jump down. 

3. Pick up the Battle Stars!

However you reach the ledge, the stars will pop once you get there so grab 'em and get ready for a fight. There's usually a few chests on the surround ledges so maybe try and gear up before you leave.

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