Fortnite leaks: Is The Cube how season 5 ends? Plus Silenced SCAR, Flamethrower and Quad Launcher discovered

The teasers for Fortnite season 6 are officially underway with the sudden arrival of new Fortnite map changes like Tomato Temple and a repaired Risky Reels. However, new Fortnite leaks might have given us our biggest clue, with mention of The Cube - an in-game event that looks a lot like the Geode rocket that started the end of last season. 

It's not the only Fortnite leak either, with a new silenced SCAR appearing among assets, promising to quietly ruin a lot of games for people. And then there's a long range Quad Launcher and flamethrower, which sound equally as bad for anyone on the wrong end of business. 

There's definitely been a weapon heavy theme recently with an explosive crossbow and some sort of trap cage found previously that have yet to appear. Here's everything that's leaked so far and yet to appear.

Prepare for... The Cube

No one knows what The Cube is yet, but numerous hackers have dug files out after the recent update. It appears to be an even much like last season's rocket. That was codenamed Geode originally (and Geode files are found in the same folder as Cube, suggesting they may share effects in some way), so it's likely The Cube could be something else entirely. Especially as the sound discovered suggest it's alive, or aware in some way with files like 'Cube_AngryZapRetaliation' and 'Cube_Mad'. 

There's also some code suggesting The Cube will move around, again like the rocket last season. However, the weirdest thing is that it appears to have a magnetic field of some sort: 

Some of the data points to that field being quite large, and God only knows what it'll do in game. 

Ready for a Suppressed SCAR? 

Given that the SCAR assault rifle is pretty much top of the gun game in Fortnight, a suppressed option is terrible/great news depending on whether you've got one or not. Given weapons are usually balanced in some way to prevent them being (too) OP, it's likely this will see a loss of damage, or reduced range, or something, to counter its silenced firing in some way. But until it appears in-game we've no way of knowing.  

Flamethrowers and Quad Launchers are on the way

Two other new weapons look to be heading to Fortnite if these files are anything to go by. The first is a flamethrower of some kind found in the weapons/abilities folder. It's not entirely clear what or how this will work yet with mention of files labeled 'lava thrower' and 'volcanic pit thrower'. 

Also in there is the Quad Launcher which is described as an explosive weapon that "fires long-range rockets that damage enemies in an area". A long range rocket launcher sounds interesting, possibly functioning as some sort of artillery? 

Ready for a Fortnite explosive crossbow? 

This could get messy. It looks like the Fortnite crossbow could be returning with a bang. And I'm not excited, I just mean a literal bang. Pulled from the game's files is this new crossbow that "shoots an arrow with an explosive tip. Your enemies’ worst nightmare!” according to the in-game info. This doesn't seem to be being pulled up by a lot of the usual Fortnite leakers so I'm a little cautious about this one. It might be for Save the World, or just completely erroneous. We'll likely find out when the next update drops.

There's a new Fortnite zipline coming

There's an interesting new gadget currently being pulled out of the data files in the shape of a Zipline. It's not clear entirely how this works yet. Asset names like 'move to location' suggest it might operate like a side to side, deathslide type thing: 

While parts of it appear in a folder called 'Grapple' which suggests a more up and down movement. 

Either way it's a consumable, so likely comes from chests and only has a limited number of uses. 

Sound files suggest a Fortnite trap cage could be happening

So far we only have an audio file for this so no idea where it'll appear or how it'll work but it sounds... not good. Current theory is that it'll enable a way to place traps without a wall or ceiling, so just randomly on the ground like a spikey land mine. 

All the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for season 5 have leaked

A version of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges leak pretty much every week but unusually we now have what looks like all of season 5's challenges leaking. So far all the leaks have matched up, so bar substitutions or false challenges to hide season 6 stuff, this what we can expect in coming weeks. 

Obviously we'll find out as the weeks go on how accurate these are, and if Epic change anything in light of the leaks, but for now let's assume this is all legit.

Most of them are the usual - eliminations, open chests and so on - but there are some interesting options in there. Things like 'shoot jumping fish', or finding jigsaw pieces in the basement, which obviously involves things we haven't seen yet. 

Fortnite leaks suggest ATK skins are on the way

Fortnite ATKs

Fortnite ATKs are a real thing now thanks to the arrival of Fortnite Season 5, and although they're already pretty darn awesome - check out the llama hood ornament, and the Durrr Burger / Tomato Town furry dice for just two examples as to why - apparently they're about to get a lot better. According to two separate tweets, Epic is already testing ATK skins with a Llama Mesh. Oh, I am so in. 

Prepare your gullet for Durrr Burger and Shake consumables

According to another of the many, many Fortnite leaks, there are two new consumables in the works - Durrr Burgers and Durrr Shakes. Some say that they'll replace the current Slurp Juice and Chug Jug, but other sources suggest that they'll work in a similar way to the apples and mushrooms you find lying about in game at the moment. Either way, they look freaking adorable, and I can't wait to see my avatar chowing down on both of these little noms. 

Fortnite leaks confirm gifting will be a thing soon, with some caveats

Fortnite gifting option in the setting menu

You might have noticed a little toggle option in the settings menu in the Account tab, that read: "Can Receive Gifts From Others". It's automatically set to 'yes', but actually the mechanic of Fortnite gifting doesn't actually exist yet. Fortnite leaks suggest that you'll be able to buy skins, emotes and more in the Fortnite Item Shop and then send them to your friends as little presents. Info currently imply that it'll only be items on the store that day, and you won't simply be able to give away the skins you already own - this isn't Pokemon Trading Cards...

Technically, all we know from the Fortnite leaks so far is that it is a feature that's in the works:

Heck, even the official French Fortnite Twitter account has confirmed it, with the following Tweet translating to: "These will not be exchanges, but gifts offered directly from the shop. No dates yet".

Fortnite leaks describe a new Pool Floaty item or in-world object

Fortnite pool floaty

I love a llamacorn, and Fortnite seems to be getting more of them by the day, complete with derp eyes <3. According to the files, it'll work in a similar way to the tyre stacks currently in game, but you'll need to "pierce" it in order to catapult you into the air. I'm hoping that these are an item that you can hold to propel you across water - yes, I'm looking at you Loot Lake. 

Strangely enough, such an item not only exists in back bling form thanks to Pool Party, but it also features in actual floaty form in the official Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass trailer (skip to 0.21 if you don't believe me):

What's your favourite of the Fortnite leaks so far, and which you do think are happening first? Let us know in the comments below.