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Fortnite Week 8 Secret Banner location - where to look for it at Frosty Flights

If you're searching for the Fortnite Week 8 secret Banner, then you're obviously someone who's been racing through the Fortnite Snowfall Challenges (opens in new tab) as you'll need to have completed 8 full weeks of Battle Pass Challenges to unlock the loading screen required. Thanks to some useful Fortnite leaks (opens in new tab) we already knew where this hidden Banner was going to be located, but now you can find it legitimately - if you've put in the leg work on the challenges, that is. Read on to find the loading screen, then we'll show you how to decipher it so you can collect your reward and customise your emblem.

Fortnite Week 8 Loading Screen

The Ice King is back in the Week 8 loading screen, this time perched on a castle parapet conjuring up a glowing ball - which may or may not be related to the Fortnite icy orb in the sky (opens in new tab) that recently appeared. Look down at the wall, and you'll see a banner with a set of coordinates written on it. They're not easy to make out, but trust us that they read A8, A9, B8, B9. Follow the map grid to the intersection of those sectors and you'll find a spot just south of Frosty Flights, so make that your next port of call.

It pretty simple to navigate to the correct location using the A8, A9, B8, B9 grid coordinates on the map, but if you want to do it visually then aim for the area south of the frozen archway behind Frosty Flights. There's a small patch of bare earth in the snow near the point where the grid intersects, which you should be able to make out from a distance as you approach.

Fortnite Week 8 Secret Banner location

When you reach that bare patch in the snow, the secret Banner will pop up and give you a brand new customisation option for your flag. From here you can dash through the frozen archway and grab one of the Fortnite planes (opens in new tab) from Frosty Flights to exit the area, though things can often get hectic there so you might want to consider heading southeast towards Happy Hamlet instead.

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