Search between movie titles - Fortnite Season 4 Week 10 Challenge

Week 10 of Fortnite Season 4 is finally here, bringing with it a new set of Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges and a fresh twist on the weekly Fortnite treasure hunt for hidden Battle Stars. If you've been following the Fortnite map changes that have taken place this season, you'll know that a drive-in theatre was added to the north east at Risky Reels, but did you know that the movies listed on the sign outside have been changing on a regular basis? Normally the titles displayed hint towards current challenges or the ongoing storyline during the season, but this is the first time they've been explicitly linked to a Battle Pass Challenge.

As you can see in the image above, the movie titles listed this week are "White Lion", "The Orange Crusher", and "TV Dreams", but what do they mean and how can they be used to track down your reward? Read on, and we'll show you what landmarks these movies refer to, and how they can be used to pinpoint the location of your hidden Battle Stars for this challenge.

1: White Lion

The White Lion statue sits to the north of the football stadium which is east of Junk Junction.

2: The Orange Crusher

The Orange Crusher can be found by the fence running along the north edge of Junk Junction's scrapyard.

3: TV Dreams

The TV studio is located in the hangar to the north of the football stadium and north east of Junk Junction.

How to search between movie titles

Put those three locations together then look in the area between them, and you'll find a small bare patch of grass directly south of the TV studio on the other side of the path. Go to this location and your hidden Battle Stars for this challenge will appear.

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