The best Fortnite Playground mode creations we've seen so far

Now the Fortnite playground mode appears to be stable and not going anywhere, people are starting to build amazing things. From huge constructions to other games and dangerous bounce pad courses and glider death traps. Take a look with us as we check out some of the best Fortnite Playground mode creations we've seen so far. If they inspire you to have a go at constructing your own, then check out our Fortnite building guide for advice to help your builds.

Mario Kart tracks 

Realistically, just 'tracks' is a more accurate term here. There are plenty people building race circuits in the Fortnite playground mode and discovering just how bad that trolley handling is. 

Jump pad death tracks

I can't even begin to fathom how log it takes to work this sort of thing out, but people are making lengthy, bouncy mechanisms to launch them all over the map. I can only assume they try a pad, see where they land, build from there and so on. 

Nuketown from Call of Duty

I was a bit [shrugs] when I first saw this Nuketown map until I realised just how well it had used the in-game bus to recreate COD's iconic map. Apparently even in Fortnite it still works well for 1v1 according to creator Sleepy_Bear.

Long range sniper rifle testing ranges

If you wondered just how far you could get a sniper kill, people are building towers to test the maximum range. The result is this 492m kill where it takes the bullet almost three seconds to reach the other player. It looks like this is around the theoretical maximum with other similar attempts all hitting that 490-ish range wall. 

Just beautiful Architecture

Creator Sonny Evens isn't making anything instantly recognisable but he is pushing the building to its most attractive limits. Using the edit mode he's created the beautiful castle above and the structure below. Every possible balcony, ledge and arch option is used here to pull surprisingly well made things out of basically walls and stairs. 

Lots of pyramids over Duty Divot

Pyramids are a popular choice because they're fairly easy and always look impressive (not to mention the history theme rumoured for Fortnite season 5, and talk of Egypt). For some reason nearly all these structures appear over Dusty Divot, a location apparently still so contentious that fans want to physically cover it up.

An AT-AT from Star Wars

It's a little boxy but otherwise perfectly to scale, and there's something very pleasing about the way all the Fortnite panels fit together so neatly. This is a nice simple but totally satisfying build from Crepi334.  

Glider courses

If you fancy testing your flying skills then something like this glider course from Sealeopy is perfect. Just build a bunch of hoops miles apart across the map and then fly through them. Easy... Bonus points for making the finish a spike filled death trap. 

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