Fortnite pets explained - what are they? How do they work? And *who's a good boy?!*


We already had an idea Fortnite pets were coming after data mining discovered them mentioned deep in the game's files. Now, with the arrival of Fortnite season 6, they're here, but what are they and what do they actually do? 

What Fortnite pets are there? 

There are three Fortnite pets in total: a dog, chameleon and dragon, called Bonesy, Camo and Scales respectively. They've basically a new form of Back Bling and will ride along with you in a small pet box you strap on. They're really just there to look fun, which they do by reacting to what you do - hanging on for dear life as you jump from the bus, or looking angry when you aim and try to shoot someone. 

How do I unlock Fortnite pets? 

You can get Fortnite pets as Battle Pass rewards, unlocked when you reach certain tiers. Bonesy is your first and can be unlocked at level 12, meaning if you get the Battle Bundle, which unlocks the first 25 tiers, he's yours straight away. Next up is Camo, who unlocks at tier 29 and, finally, Scales can be yours at tier 43. 

What Fortnite pet customisation styles are there? 

Bonesy and Scales are both customisational to a degree, mainly through a choice of colour: brown, white and mocha for the dog, and blue, pink and black/green for the dragon. It doesn't really change that much other than skin/fur tone. Camo the chameleon only has one style, although he does change colour briefly every time you pick up an item to reflect it's level, so purple for legendary, yellow for epic and so on. 

So that's how pets work; a battle royale companion to keep you company on those lonely afternoons sat in a bush hoping you don't get shot. No word yet if we'll see more via the item shop or any special events so we'll keep you posted. 

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