How to launch through flaming hoops with a Cannon in Fortnite

The familiar flaming hoops return to Fortnite this week, but instead of clearing them with leaping vehicles you'll instead need to launch through flaming hoops with a cannon if you want to beat this entry in the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges. There are seven flaming hoops in total spread across the map, and you'll need to launch yourself through three of them from a cannon to get this task done. But where are the Fortnite flaming hoops found, and how do you actually launch through them? Read on, and we will reveal all.

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Where are the Fortnite flaming hoops

Helpfully, the flaming hoops you need to launch through are all found in close proximity to Fortnite Pirate Camps, as each of these camps should have several cannons available for you to blast yourself out of. These are all of the flaming hoop locations, though obviously you'll need to look up to spot them in the sky:

  • C4: Southwest of Pleasant Park
  • C7: North of Polar Peak
  • E5: South of Loot Lake
  • F3: Middle of Lazy Lagoon
  • G4: Northeast of Dusty Divot
  • F7: Southwest of Salty Springs
  • I7: North of Paradise Palms

How to launch through flaming hoops with a cannon in Fortnite

The main thing to bear in mind when launching yourself from a cannon is that your trajectory will drop off over distance, so you'll need to aim above the flaming hoop to counteract this - and the further away you are, the higher above the hoop you'll need to aim. Of course, the other alternative is to grab a cannon and roll it closer to the flaming hoop, so follow whichever method works best for the situation you're in.

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