Fortnite is getting Gamora along with a returning Star-Lord

(Image credit: Epic)

Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora is making her way to Fortnite alongside a returning Star-Lord, Epic Games has announced.

Both Gamora and Star-Lord will dock in the Fortnite Item Shop on August 14 at 8pm ET. You can get the skin individually or snag the whole bundle including Gamora's Cloak Back Bling, the Godslayer Pickaxe, and the Godslayer Glideboard.

As ever, there's another way to get the latest Fortnite skin. The Gamora Cup is taking place August 11, and like similar events in the past, you'll need a friend to partner up with in Duos. Teams will have three hours to earn as many points as possible across 10 games, and those with the most points will be rewarded with the Gamora Outfit and Back Bling a few days early. But even if you don't rank at the very top, you can still get the Daughter of Thanos spray by earning at least eight points.

Gamora will join fellow Guardians Groot, Rocket, and Star-Lord in Fortnite, leaving Drax as the only missing link. Though, with Epic Games adding new characters to the game at a frighteningly speedy rate, it's fairly safe to assume Drax isn't far off. And if the trend continues, the Drax skin will probably resemble the character from the comics as opposed to the MCU movies.

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