Where to find giant mushrooms in Fortnite and destroy them

Fortnite giant mushrooms
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Fortnite giant mushrooms are all over the western forest section of the map near Reality Falls, and you need to destroy eight of them with a Ripsaw Launcher for one of the new Fortnite quests. It’s not a difficult quest by any means, but you’ll need to know where you can grab a Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite and where to find those giant mushrooms if you want to get it done. Luckily, the mushrooms aren't exactly hard to miss once you're in the Reality Falls area. If you need to know the best spot for finding and destroying Fortnite giant mushrooms, we've got the details below.

Fortnite giant mushroom locations

Fortnite giant mushroom map

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Fortnite floating rings

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While you're around Reality Falls, look for Fortnite floating rings too

Giant mushrooms are found all over the western portion of the Fortnite map where Reality Falls and Greasy Grove are found. This entire area is infested with the mega mycelium, so you won’t have to go far to find a cluster of giant mushrooms to destroy. With that said, there are two particularly substantial groupings of ‘shrooms west of the Reality Tree – one of which is actually a landmark called Groovy Grove, but you can’t see that name on the map. We've circled the grove and a couple of other good spots to check out on the map above.

This quest is really easy to complete provided you can find a Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher. They are a guaranteed find at the Chop Shop on the north coast of the island, but that’s obviously very far away from the fungal Reality Tree area of the map. Ripsaw Launchers can also spawn as ground loot anywhere else on the island, but obviously you might never find one in the giant mushroom area.

Fortnite giant mushrooms ripsaw launcher

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However, once you’ve got a Ripsaw Launcher, head over to a Fortnite giant mushroom and power up the launcher, then fire it into the mushroom. The sawblade will stick into the mushroom and continuously damage it until it is destroyed. Repeat on seven more giant mushrooms and you’ll complete the challenge, bagging yourself 15,000 XP in the process.

Our recommended strategy would be to land around Rave Cave, grab one of the Fortnite Ballers, and drive to the Chop Shop to grab a Ripsaw Launcher – or land directly at the Chop Shop, although this means you might not have a vehicle to quickly cross a large portion of the island with. Then drive all the way down to the giant mushroom area to destroy the mushrooms and complete the challenge. Alternatively, you could keep dropping at either Greasy Grove or Reality Falls at the start of each match until you find a Ripsaw Launcher. Who knows? You might get lucky!

Since you're in the Reality Falls area, make sure you pay a visit to the Reality Falls, Tilted Towers, and Shuffled Shrines locations in Fortnite to complete another weekly quest.

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