Fortnite Fortbyte 82 involves a pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block

Near the Block there's now a Fortnite Fortbyte that involves solving a pressure plate puzzle. The Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte fun just keeps building with Fortbyte 82 requiring a team effort to collect. 

The in-game message for Fortbyte 82 states it's accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block, so there's two things to unpack here: where NW of The Block actually is and what the pressure plate puzzle involves. 

To find the actual Fortbyte and the pressure plate puzzle you'll have to head almost perfectly north west until you find a small group of trees near the edge of the map. Basically head here: 

Fortnite fortbyte 82 location pressure plate puzzle

Usually we'd recommend avoiding going for a Fortnite Fortbyte straight away when everyone's dropping because you're likely to run into competition. Usually it's better to make a note of what's nearby and swing around after you've landed and stocked up. However (dramatic music plays) when you get to the tree you're going to find the Fortbyte positioned between three metal pressure plates, linked to three lights on the central disk:

Fortnite fortbyte 82 location

That's right! Because having to login in every day to try and collect one of 100 little floating chips isn't already demanding enough, this requires two other people to complete. Get someone on each of the plates and you'll be able to pick up the Fortbyte and tick this challenge off. 

You don't actually need to be one of the people on the plates at least, which is a small blessing - as long as the three plates are activated the chip will become collectable and everyone can grab it. It's not clear yet exactly how long it stays in a collectable state so you might be able to wander past mid-match and grab it on your own, you might not. We'll let you know on that front,  

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