Where is the Haunted Hills Fortbyte 55? Another day, another Fortbyte

The Fortnite Fortbyte found in Haunted Hills is a fairly easy (ish) get as it's tucked away in a crypt meaning you have a little bit of cover while you're trying to pick it up. This Fortnite Fortbyte also right by a chest so if you're going to try and land there to grab it at the start there's a chance you might actually get some gear and live to fight on.

To get the Fortbyte in Haunted Hills you want to obviously head to Haunted Hills: 

Fortnite fortbyte haunted hills 55 map location

Haunted Hills can be a bit hit and miss as a starter drop - sometimes it's deserted, other times it's exceptionally busy for a graveyard. As ever out advice is to drop somewhere you know, load up and then head there if the circle shrinks in your favour. 

Whenever you decide to visit, once you're there face the church and look to the little crypt to the left with the steps at the front leading up to the door. Head in and around to the left where you'll find the Fortbyte by the window next to a chest, which unhelpfully masks the Fortbyte noise you can usually hear to help find them.

Fortnite fortbyte haunted hills 55 location

All you have to do is pick it up, there's not sprays, skins or dances needed here. Pick up, tick one more off the 100 strong list of Fortbytes and wait patiently for the next to arrive because all you do now is play Fortnite, there is nothing else. 

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