Ford Racing heads for the street

Ford Street Racing takes to the streets of Los Angeles, signifying a new direction for the Empire-published series.

Surfing the mighty wave started by The Fast & The Furious, the Need for Speed Underground games and Juiced, this fourth outing for Ford Racing has caught on to the craze for car tuning and illegal racing.

FSR has an unusual three-car team system that allows players to create and direct a crew of their own - as seen in Juiced - and 18 classic Fords. The Mark 1 Capri RS1600, GT and 2007 Shelby GT500 are the only cars currently confirmed for inclusion in the game.

Naturally the graphics are said to be improved, so, we assume, is the AI. It's a near reflexive claim for those announcing games and we're surprised publisher Empire didn't think to mention the latter. So we've done it for them. Aren't we nice?

Ford Street Racing is due out for PS2, PC and Xbox in February