FlatOut 2 crashes in

Monday 5 June 2006
We've got the latest shots of FlatOut 2 - the game for those who like to drive without due care and attention. The sequel manages to combine over-the-top action with incredible physics, the resulting experience being a brutish hard-hitting racer that's more sophisticated than you'd think.

They'll be 40 tracks to batter around, each one made up a destructible environment that allows you to cut corners wherever you see fit. Each of the 16 cars is fully destructible but, between taking chunks out of them on the tracks, you can upgrade them to suit your driving style.

As well as straight races, there will be 12 stunt events which require you to hurl your driver through the windscreen for various ends (such as playing curling - really), along with online play on both formats. The game will be released for PS2 and Xbox on 26 June.