First official Lego D&D set combines hidden secrets and iconic monsters

LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set, featuring a dragon on a tower fighting adventurers
(Image credit: LEGO)

The official Lego D&D set has finally been chosen from user-submitted entries, and it's a cross-section of the tabletop RPG's best bits.

Designed by user BoltBuilds (who lists their profession as a video game landscape creator), Dragon's Keep: Journey's End combines the quintessential tavern seen in many of the best Dungeons and Dragons books with a witches tower before wrapping a giant green dragon around it. A party of adventurers is also included within this Lego D&D set, along with a second monster in the form of a many-eyed beholder.

Crucially, the kit is divided into different levels with many hidden nooks. Little corridors link one scene to the next, and spinning the entire build around reveals a dungeon lurking beneath the tower. You can check it out in full on the set's Lego Ideas page.

There's no word on when Dragon's Keep: Journey's End will be sitting beside the best Lego sets on shelves, but Lego notes that it's joining projects in development so probably won't arrive until the latter half of 2023 or early 2024 at the very earliest.

Four other finalists got to the final stages of Lego's D&D competition after it was announced in October 2022, but they all went in very different directions when recreating one of the best tabletop RPGs as a pile of bricks. One offered the game's best-known foes bursting out of the Monster Manual, another lets you transform a treasure chest into a hero-eating mimic, the third showed off beholder crime lord The Xanathar with its pet goldfish, and the final one was a dragon-topped dice tower. 

You can check them out here via the official blog.

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