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FIFA 21 Twitch Prime: get free cards in the new Prime Gaming pack

FIFA 21 Prime
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The FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack is back for another season, although the monthly giveaway has a different name. Twitch Prime is now known as Prime Gaming, so for FIFA 21 what you’re actually getting is a FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack. Every few weeks it grants you free gold items for being an Amazon Prime subscriber, and Pack 3 is the current offering. How do you get it? All is explained in your FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack guide.

How do I claim my free FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack?

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming

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1. Your first step towards free gold cards is heading to the FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack loot page. The process is much simpler than in previous editions: you should automatically be prompted to confirm that you wish to link your EA and Amazon accounts, by way of a large box that reads: ’Enter the next level: Account Linking’. Click it and you’ll be prompted to sign into Amazon Prime.

2. If you’re aren’t prompted with the necessary box, go to the top left of the Prime Gaming page, then click the blue ‘Link game account’ box. That will take you to a page where you can sign into Amazon.

3. Whichever path you followed, you should now see a screen which reads: “Your account is linked. Way to go. There's nothing left for you to do except boot up a game and do what you do best.”

4. Scroll down to see four large panels, each representing a Prime Gaming Pack for FIFA 21. The current one available is FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack 3. Click on the main box for details of what’s inside: an 82+ rated player pick, and four additional rare gold items. Then click the blue ‘Claim Now’ box to, y’know, claim now. 

5. Open FIFA 21 on your format of choice (or the FIFA 21 web app) and you’ll find the pack waiting for you in-store.

How many FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Packs can I claim?

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming

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“Prime members get FIFA 21 Ultimate Team content every month for 9 months,” says EA. “Claim your Prime Gaming reward packs today and be sure to check back each month to claim your additional FIFA 21 rewards.” Note that you can’t claim for months you’ve missed, so if you’re only just signing up there’s no way to nab FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack 1 or 2. Soz. 

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack: What rewards can I expect?

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming

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This will vary from player to player, but here’s what I earned from my Prime Gaming packs so far:

Pack 1: Niklas Sule, the towering 84-rated Bayern centre-back, got the pack off to a dream start, and I nabbed 82-rated Danilo Pereira’s Champions League card with my player pick. Javi Martinez (CDM, 81), Benjamin Andre (CDM, 80) and Petr Sevcik (CM, 76) rounded out a stellar selection.

Pack 2: 84-rated Pizzi was my player pick (with Harry Maguire as an alternate option), while I also scored Donny van de Beek (CM, 83), Rodrigo Betancur (CM, 79), Gonzalo Martinez (CAM, 76) and Juan Gabriel Rodriguez (CB, 75).

Pack 3: A disappointing pack overall – but again, it was free, so no biggie. Duvan Zapata (ST, 83) was my player pick, with the other cards comprising Rodrygo (RW, 79), Daniel Didavi (CAM, 75), Samuel Kalu (LM, 76) and another Benjamin Andre (CDM, 80).

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack: Is there a catch? 

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming

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Only that, if you’re not a subscriber Prime is free for the first 30 days, but then goes up to £7.99 per month. So if you’re only signing up for a quick spin of the Prime roulette wheel then be sure to cancel well before that 30-day trial ends. 

Do any other EA games offer Prime rewards?

Madden 21

(Image credit: EA)

Yep. Madden 21, Apex Legends, UFC 4, Star Wars Squadrons and Rocket Arena all offer similar freebies – for example, Madden 21 recently coughed up both a Playoffs Pack and a Super Bowl pack, the latter containing two 86+ rated players from past Super Bowls. So if you already own these games and are a Prime member, get grabbing those extras too.

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