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Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack: how to get free cards

Madden 22
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The Madden 22 Prime Gaming pack is an essential monthly treat for anyone with a love of NFL, and subscription to Amazon Prime. It sees you score free items in Madden 22 every four weeks at the click of a button, and the first two have already transformed my Ultimate Team roster. How does it work, and when and where can you get your freebies? GR’s Madden 22 Prime Gaming guide explains all.

How do I claim my free Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack?

Madden 22

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1. First up, head to the Madden 22 Prime Gaming pack loot page. The process is  simpler than in previous editions, when the same content was known as the Madden Twitch Prime pack. You should automatically be prompted to confirm that you wish to link your EA and Amazon accounts by way of a large box that reads: ’Enter the next level: Account Linking’. Click it and you’ll be prompted to sign into Amazon Prime.

2. If you’re aren’t prompted with the necessary box, click the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner, then 'Manage Twitch accounts', and you should be able to link your Prime account manually. Then head back to the Madden 22 Prime Gaming home page.

3. Scroll down to see four large panels, each representing a Prime Gaming Pack for Madden 22. The current one available is the Prime Ultimate Kickoff pack. Click on the main box for details of what’s inside: six player items, four of which are gold or better. Then click the blue ‘Claim Now’ box to do what it says on the tin. 

4. Open Madden 22 on your format of choice and you’ll immediately find the pack waiting for you.

Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack: What rewards can I expect?

Madden 22

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Prime Gaming Pack 1 transformed my squad, consisting of eight gold items and two elite ones – Bills safety Jordan Poyer and Colts running back Jonathan Taylor. More than half were immediately installed as starters. Below is exactly who I got:

  • Jordan Poyer (SS, 82)
  • Jonathan Taylor (RB, 80)
  • Dion Dawkins (LT, 79)
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB, 78)
  • Malcolm Butler (CB, 78)
  • Cameron Johnston (P, 78)
  • Michael Burton (FB, 72)
  • Brennan Scarlett (ROLB, 71)
  • Kemoko Turay (RE, 70)
  • Mason Cole (C, 70)

The second set of free items is known as the Prime Ultimate Kickoff Pack. It contains two gold (or better) Ultimate Kickoff cards, two regular gold (or better) players, and two silver players. Here's what I unearthed in that one:

Madden 22

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  • Phillip Lindsay (HB, 82) [Ultimate Kickoff item]
  • Kyle Trask (QB, 70) [Ultimate Kickoff item]
  • Kingsley Keke (RE, 71)
  • Tanoh Kpassagnon (LE, 71)
  • Alex Bars (RG, 65)
  • Tyree Jackson (TE, 62)

Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack: Is there a catch? 

Madden 22

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Only that, if you’re not a subscriber Prime is free for the first 30 days, but then goes up to £7.99 per month. So if you’re only signing up for a quick spin of the Prime roulette wheel then be sure to cancel well before that 30-day trial ends.

Do any other EA games offer Prime rewards?


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Yep. FIFA 21, Apex LegendsUFC 4Star Wars Squadrons and Rocket Arena all offer similar freebies – indeed, you can see what goodies Madden’s pad-free little bro has served up over the last year via our FIFA 21 Prime Gaming guide. So if you already own these games and are a Prime member, get grabbing those extras too.

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