Fargo season 4 release date set for September on FX and Hulu

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Fargo season 4 is premiering September 27 on FX and the following day on Hulu, FX has revealed.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the studio shut down production on Fargo season 4 in March, delaying its planned April premiere indefinitely. According to Variety, filming is now set to resume later this month, with two back-to-back episodes scheduled for the premiere. The other nine episodes will air individually each successive Sunday and release on Hulu the next day. FX also announced the official Fargo season 4 release date in a tweet sent out Monday afternoon.

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Fargo season 4 is set in 1950 Kansas City, centering around Chris Rock as the leader of a Black crime family navigating a tenuous truce with the Italian mafia. The agreement involves the heads of each organization trading their youngest sons, but the death of the mob boss throws the situation into chaos.

FX released a teaser trailer for the new season late last month, and it already forecasts the tense seams of that relationship snapping. "They're going to war with us," says Glynn Tulman's Doctor Senator. "We'll kill 'em all," Rock's character Loy Cannon replies. Elsewhere, there's lots of guns, money stacks, and top hats, setting up a violent and tumultuous season ahead, although that's par for the course for Fargo. The new season also underscores some of the racial tensions of the '50s America setting, which you can see in the most recent full-length trailer from January.

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