Fargo season 4 production shut down as April release date delayed indefinitely

(Image credit: FX)

FX has announced that production on Fargo season 4 has been shut down, delaying its April 19 premiere indefinitely. Likewise, it's likely to miss the deadline for eligibility in the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards. This comes as the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which is leaving a long trail of TV shows and movies in an uncertain state of suspension.

A new premiere date will be announced once production on Fargo season 4 resumes. "Due to the postponement of production related to the coronavirus, the fourth installment of FX’s award-winning limited series ‘Fargo’ will no longer premiere on Sunday, April 19th. A new premiere date will be determined once production resumes," reads the official statement from FX (via Collider).

The most recent trailer for Fargo season 4 ramps up the intensity in the series' furthest locale from Fargo yet, depicting a 1950s Kansas City riddled with warring gangs. Chris Rock is starring as the boss of a gang of black migrants navigating a contentious relationship with the Kansas City mafia.

The complete list of movies and TV shows delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak now includes The Batman, The Witcher, Loki, and the Uncharted movie. Further, it's foreboding to read reports that the PS5 and Xbox Series X could very well be delayed past their 2020 release windows for the same reason.

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