Fallout fans have spotted an Easter egg that proves the show's unbelievable attention to detail – and it involves the original 1997 RPG

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The Fallout TV show has already proven its gamer cred on multiple occasions, from the final "war never changes" line that confused Walton Goggins to the Prime Video series’ possible ties to Fallout 4’s canon ending.

Now, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted something that harkens all the way back to Interplay’s original 1997 RPG.

"The fact that they decided to take an old iteration of the 10mm pistol from Fallout 1 and create a model of it. Just is a nice Easter egg," Revolutionary_Desk47 wrote on Reddit, alongside an image of the Fallout 1 model of the 10mm pistol so you can see exactly how close it is to the OG weapon.

This attention to detail is kind of wild from r/Fallout

The scene in question sees Maximus (Aaron Moten) fight off an Abomination, one of a handful of mutated creatures from the Fallout games that made its way into the TV show. It’s also one of multiple 10mm pistols found in the show, with Enclave guards using the Fallout 3 edition earlier in the series.

Thankfully, there will be plenty more time to pick and choose which other elements from the game will make their way into the wasteland as Fallout season 2 has been confirmed.

There’s already been some suggestion that Deathclaws (the creature’s hulking skull appeared during the Fallout season 1 ending outside of New Vegas) will be part of the new season.

Co-showrunner Graham Wagner told TheWrap: "We wanted to get Deathclaws, but we didn’t want to just throw it away. It’s such a monumental piece. We want to save something for Season 2 to be able to do it properly, not just add on to the massive world-building we had to do already in Season 1."

Something tells me Maximus and his Brotherhood of Steel comrades will need a lot more than 10mm pistols if they want to take on Deathclaws next season.

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