Fall Guys will let you randomize your costume in season 2

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys will now let you randomize your costume, so if you're feeling like your bean needs a fashion overhaul, this new feature will do the trick. Check out the video of some random costume options below. 

From shifting face plates to bizarre unicorn head/bird feet combos, the randomize costume option looks like a great way to shake up your bean's look before jumping into a match. With Fall Guys season 2 bringing a medieval fantasy theme, there will be tons of great new costumes that will make this randomizer feature even more fun (I *need* the witch skin). 

According to the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the ability to randomize your costume was requested on the Fall Guys Discord, where you can vote on community suggestions. From the looks of it, the randomize costume suggestion started picking up steam over the weekend, and got a coveted spot on the "most-suggested-things" thread on the Discord. The Fall Guys devs were quick to jump on the idea, officially announcing it was "straight up" added for Fall Guys season 2 before the weekend was over. Pretty fast response, eh?

As we previously reported, Fall Guys season 2 will begin on Thursday, October 8, bringing with it new games, nameplates and titles, and of course, the random costume option. Starting today, Monday, October 5, you can earn double Fame Points to help yourself rank up fast in the lead up to the highly anticipated Fall Guys season 2. The more costumes, the more randomization, right?

Mediatonic has revealed some interesting things about your favorite beans: Fall Guys are six feet tall, sometimes happy, and always have messed up insides. 

Alyssa Mercante

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