Fall Guys are six feet tall, sometimes happy, and always have messed up insides

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Mediatonic - but really whoever runs the Fall Guys Twitter account - has finally gone too far. The reveal of some key stats about Fall Guys, including their musculoskeletal structure, will change the way you look at the not-so-little jellybeans forever.

I was innocently scrolling through my Twitter feed when I was assaulted by the images you're about to see - that is, if you don't heed my warning and turn back right now. The images show the insides of a Fall Guy, and it's just really, really grim stuff.

The neck, violently curving outward toward the back of the body, is longer than the skull, and the eyeballs are attached to some sort of limb suspended away from the skull. Just have a look yourself, and be sure to thanks concept artist Tudor Morris for the nightmares.

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I'm really not sure who asked for this, but there you have it. Fall Guys are tall lads, express happiness through their eyes, and desperately need to see a chiropractor. This information, not to mention the associated pictures, are out there in the world now, and in a follow-up tweet Mediatonic presents four different ways we can deal with it.

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Personally, I've already decided that following the publication of this article, I will never discuss the matter again. I might not be able to purge the images from my mind, but I can do my best to move on by not talking about it anymore.

We should've known this would happen as soon as we learned how dark Fall Guys lore is.

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