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Fall Guys is adding nameplates and titles in season 2

Fall Guys Season 2
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

New profile customization options are coming in Fall Guys season 2, so you can start showing off before folks even see your smartly dressed bean.

The Fall Guys Twitter account gave a sneak preview of the new features, which will be bundled up under an "Interface" tab of the Customiser menu. The options break down into new Banner Styles and Nicknames. Banners let you dress up the background of your nameplate with an icon and colorful background; some of the examples include a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza, a pride flag, and - of course - a crown. It's the only crown I'm ever gonna get.

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Nicknames are titles you can choose from that appear underneath your account name (which, admittedly, is still just "Fall Guy" followed by four numbers on PC). They include stuff like "Rookie", "Sir Hugs A Lot", and "Trying Their Best", and Mediatonic is calling on the Fall Guys community to come up with special nicknames the studio can award to streamers and other people who do cool things in and around the game.

Outside of new profile customization options, Mediatonic has confirmed that season 2 will have a big medieval fantasy theme: keep a lookout for new costumes that let you dress up as knights, dragons, witches, wizards, and more. New maps on the way also line up with the castle crashing vibe, and we'll get to start playing through it all after the first season ends next week.

What if the zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 were Fall Guys? Now we know.

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