Left 4 Dead 2 except the zombies are Fall Guys beans

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Left 4 Dead 2 modders have brought the iconic Fall Guys beans into Valve's undead universe through one of the most terrifying mods yet devised by man. 

Twitter user Loudwindow posted a brief showcase of this mod in action earlier this week. In a blatant affront to the laws of the universe, basic zombies have been replaced with Fall Guys beans, complete with endearing yet unnerving sound effects. You may also notice a few other oddities in this clip, like the fact that their crowbar is actually a Minecraft pickaxe or that the rest of their squad consists of Lifeline, Mirage, and Gibraltar from Apex Legends. Modders, eh? 

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A second clip shows a few other mods in action. If a Minecraft pickaxe wasn't enough, how about a Star Wars lightsaber? Don't worry, the zombies are still Fall Guys beans. This gives us a much closer view of the ravenous beans, and it really is scary to think about. They look so innocent barreling through a game show obstacle course flanked by pink slime, but who's to say how a wild bean would behave? I wouldn't mess with one. 

The good news is that the modded Left 4 Dead 2 beans aren't actually full-size. It's now Fall Guys canon that these things are six feet tall and have skeletons like the aliens from Independence Day, but modders spared us that particular horror. 

You can try these mods for yourself on the Left 4 Dead 2 Steam workshop. Check out the Titanfall and Apex Legends mod pack here, and bean-ify your zombies here

For less unnerving Fall Guys community creations, check out this slick Lego stop motion short.

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